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Kids Policy

Kids are natural climbers and bouldering is a fantastic method for gaining confidence and athletic skills. We welcome kids into our gym with the following conditions to keep everyone’s experience fun and safe.

We have established the Gravity Well as a training facility and gathering space for our climbing community.  The space we have is precious and size constraints have made it so that we have no specially designated space for young children to climb.  Taking children into the climbing area is dangerous and can cause a hazardous situation for both the child and other climbers. 


Unsupervised children can unintentionally create situations that are unsafe for themselves and others and can do so in the blink of an eye. Supervision alone isn’t enough if the supervisors themselves haven’t been to a climbing gym or don’t climb themselves.  Therefore, if you bring your children to The Gravity Well, please be extremely careful and abide by all gym rules and the following child-specific supervision requirements and rules.


Everyone that enters the gym must be registered and sign our safety waiver. This includes kids and their guardians/parents (parents/guardians will need to sign them up).

Age Limits and Supervision Requirements
  1. Kids aged 10-12 are welcome until 5 pm Monday-Friday and all day on Saturday with an adult supervision ratio of 1 adult to 1 child.
  2. Kids aged 13 -15 are welcome to climb during all open hours.

  3. Kids aged 5 – 9 need to be a member under a Parent Plus membership and have an adult supervision ratio of 1 to 1.

  4. If you are bringing children please understand that active supervision is critical to the safety of your children and other climbers alike.

Climbing Rules
  1. Climbing shoes are to be worn when on the mats. No barefoot climbing allowed.

  2. Please ensure that children are never loitering in the fall zones or walking or running under people who are climbing.  The mat in the center of the room is designated as a safe space for climbers to rest while not climbing.

  3. No running, tumbling or horseplay on the mats.

  4. No throwing chalk or chalk bags and no drawing on the walls with chalk.

  5. Please encourage children to be considerate of other climbers and use their “inside voices”.

  6. No climbing shoes in the bathroom.

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