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Can I bring my kids?

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What is a Gravity Well?

A Gravity Well is a physics term used to describe the distortion in the spacetime continuum caused by a massive object like a star or planet. Because both space and time are altered in a gravity well, not only are objects attracted towards it, but time slows in its presence.

What should I do before my first visit?

Everyone joining us at The Gravity Well is required to sign a waiver prior to climbing. This will cover some basic activity risks as well as our terms and conditions of use. Our waiver will need to be signed and we recommend doing so online here prior to your first visit.

What should I wear?

Bouldering requires no special clothing but we do recommend clothing that is comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement such as yoga or fitness apparel. We have plenty of air conditioning and ventilation so please keep shirts on inside the gym. Rings and loose jewellery will need to be removed prior to bouldering.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only piece of equipment needed for bouldering is a pair of climbing shoes. Shoes are available to rent for $5/day if you don’t have your own. We require socks to be worn with our hire shoes so please bring a pair with you. We also have a range of climbing shoes for purchase.

Do I need any previous experience?

No previous experience is required. Beginning climbers will be inducted on their first visit, giving them all they need to know to get started. Strength and technique will be built over time as you gain experience and we’ll be here to help guide you through that progression.

How strong do I need to be?

Bouldering is hard – and that’s part of what we love about it. Getting to the top of a wall using only your own body strength and mental problem-solving abilities is a hard thing to do. Bouldering is a sport that is accessible to all ages and physical abilities and we have boulder problems set for beginner climbers who are new to the sport, but even these boulder problems do involve a certain level of physical and mental challenge.

The Gravity Well is designed to challenge our climbing community at all levels as well as to introduce new climbers into our community and give them the stepping stones required to improve and develop their skills as climbers.


We are a training facility for a sport where challenging your abilities and trying really really hard is part of the fun.

What kind of Walls and Training Equipment are available?

Our climbing walls range from -5 degrees up to 20 degrees. We have a Kilter Board which is adjustable from 5 – 70 degrees and a designated training area with hangboards, campus board, pinch blocks, therabands and gymnastic rings. 


Location & Parking

We are located in Wakatu Car Park:

37 Wakatu Lane, Nelson

Just beside the bus station.

There is plenty of parking in the Wakatu Car Park. 

What are the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?
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